Getting Started

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  1. Click 'Get webpresence' or 'Buy Now' at
  2. Fill the one-page form, choose your desired webpresence package and click 'Create Site' to create the site. 
  3. Pay online via your ATM card (or Visa and MasterCard credit cards) or to our designated bank account:
    • Account Name: WEBSOFT CALLREDUX
      Account Number: 1011946961
      Bank: Zenith Bank (at the bank, state that you are paying for webpresence)
  4. Click 'Member Login' login on and sign in to confirm your payment (required for bank payment only).
  5. Follow the required progress steps to set up your presence-website.

Note that for every webpresence package you purchase, you will be required to designate a person as the guarantor of that presence-website. This person should be someone well affiliated with the business, organization, person, association or entity registering the presence-website, preferrably the owner of the entity. The guarantor will be treated as the owner of the website.

Documentation identifying the guarantor must be sent (scanned and uploaded) to complete authentication of the presence-website. The required guarantor documents are:

  1. A photocopy of guarantor's current (non-expired) and valid means of identification, e.g., driver's licence, international passport bio-page, national ID card or voter's registration card.
  2. A current and valid utility bill e.g., PHCN bills. The utility bill must not be more than 3 months-old, and it must bear the same address as the one that appears on the submitted identification document.

Note that failure to send these required documentation within 30 days from the purchase of a webpresence package will lead to the shutdown of all services (corporate email(s), web hosting, presence-website, listing on the online directory and all others) associated with the purchased webpresence package without prior notification, irrespective of the amount paid for the service.