How it works

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Setting up a webpresence account has been designed to be as simple as setting up a Facebook account. The webpresence instant auto-site-builder helps you get your site up in minutes.

Setting up the website is done in just one simple step. All you have to do is to fill a simple one page form:

    • Information about the company, contact details or products can be added to the available pages as you desire.
    • The company domain name and the business email(s) are selected for instant set up.
    • Submitting this form instantly sets up the site. You can begin to receive emails at your newly set up corporate email address.

You can log into the control panel of your website later to change the default template to another among the available choices. Although, this depends on the web presence package you have purchased (only the default template is available on the basic web presence package).

Also, subsequent management of the website content (changing pictures, logos and text) can be done easily through the provided customer-friendly content management system. Changes to the site content can be made irrespective of the web presence package selected.