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It's especially suited for small businesses that want to look BIG and professional at little or no cost. It is for businesses that desire a more serious, professional and standard look.

Using for your business emails will never get you as much attention as will. Webpresence will ensure that your business will get noticed.

If your company's employees have business cards, or maybe it is just you who owns business cards, Webpresence is for you. If your company uses letterhead papers, Webpresence is made especially for you.

It is made particularly  for those who understand that only the serious-looking entities can get serious jobs, contract and projects, for which they will be paid serious money.

More often than not, these include any association, corporate individual, small and medium scale businesses that currently do things with/for corporate bodies (or wish to do so in the nearest future). From experience, we have found the packages to be most suitable for:

  • General contractors
  • Small Accounting firms
  • Small Law firms (one-man or partnership)
  • All one-man businesses that do things with corporate organizations, government.
  • Small Engineering firms
  • Small consulting firms of all kinds
  • Printers that work WITH corporate bodies
  • People who supply offices with different things from bags of rice to electronics (provided they already use letterheads and have business cards)
  • Clearing and forwarding agents/companies
  • Small freight services companies
  • Small delivery companies
  • Corporate cakes suppliers
  • Home office entrepreneurs
  • Event planners
  • Corporate Photographers
  • Small organizations (non-profit or for profit) and societies
  • Students associations
  • Contractors
  • Small Travel agencies
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Stock brokers
  • Small Real estate agencies
  • Youth organizations
  • Anyone, organization offering supplies, products and professional services to a global market
  • Anybody or small/medium corporate organization that already use letterheads and have business cards.

If you identify with any of the above, the web presence package is just PERFECT for you!!!